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Interior Doors

Interior doors come in different styles and categories. At Intermat, all of our interior doors are preassembled for easy installation. Think about what style best suits your decor: Masonite, French, moulded (panel), louver, glass panel or any other type of door that fits your needs.

Here are the different categories:

Interior Hinged Doors: the hinged door is the traditional one that we find in most homes. Made of wood or Masonite, it comes in a great variety of styles and sizes. Choose from the wide selection of models that Intermat offers in French doors, panel, louver or glass. .  See all of our interior hinged door models.

Sliding Doors: often used in closets or cupboards, or to separate two rooms such as the living and dining room, sliding doors come in many models, using at least two identical panels mounted on a track and suspended with rollers. To get the biggest possible opening, opt for a door that retracts into the wall partition. For closets, you might want to opt for a sliding mirror-door. See all of our sliding door models.

Interior Bifold Doors: mounted on a track, this door uses sections (two or three, depending on the model) connected by hinges, making it the ideal choice for closets and smaller rooms. Bifold doors come in wood and Masonite in a wide variety of sizes and styles such as French, panel, louver or glass. See all of our interior bifold door models.