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French Door 1000


Description of this French door

The 1000 French door is an interior door that is delivered to you pre-painted but is also available in 5 wood species. You can also customize it with a wide choice of tempered glasses. To let more light in, choose a transparent glass. For more privacy, choose a more opaque glass.

Plus, the pre-primed finish lets you easily paint it to match 
your decor perfectly. Its timeless design makes this French door a safe value. The large window of the French door 1000 gives an effect of grandeur. It is therefore the perfect interior door for small spaces.

This modern interior door allows you to open up your space by letting natural light in without compromising your privacy. French doors allow continuity between each room of the house while separating the spaces. So they are perfect for entryways, dining rooms and pantries.

The ovolo profile distinguishes it from other doors. The curved profile of the glass frame reflects the light, so the top of the molding looks lighter than the bottom. It's a small detail which makes this door unique.

Thickness 1 3⁄8" solid core, 1 3⁄8" solid core
Glasses available
Available veneers
Pre-assembled height 80", 84", 96"
Sliding Door Height 79", 83", 95"
Pocket Door height 80", 84", 96"
Pre-assembled width 16" x 80", 18" x 80", 20" x 80", 22" x 80", 24" x 80", 26" x 80", 28" x 80", 30" x 80", 32" x 80", 34" x 80", 36" x 80"

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