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We set the standard in the personalization of doors, stairs, mouldings and interior finishing.

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Groupe Intermat Inc. and Agences Robert Janvier Ltée. (ARJ) announced today that they have reached an agreement in principle to merge the two companies, effective February 1, 2023.

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« "We are proud to continue our growth in Quebec. It's just great to see that the shared values of our two companies will allow us to offer complementary expertise to our customers. This new stage in the Intermat story reflects our progress, and guarantees our future aspirations. Moreover, we see opportunities to grow and go even further together," - Alain Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer, Groupe Intermat Inc.


Revitalize your living space

We set the standard in the personalization of doors, stairs, mouldings and interior finishing.

See some of our work – and get inspired! »



2023 trends for interior woodwork in your home

The 2023 trends for your home's interior woodwork may surprise you! In recent years, modern interior design has become very popular, with a trend towards a minimalist style. 

However, we are starting to see traditional elements introduced into modern decor. The marriage of the two styles offers an ...


2023 Trends Interior Doors: Styles, Materials, and Colors

Interior doors are often overlooked when it comes to home renovation, but they can actually make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. From classic to modern, interior door styles, designs are constantly evolving. 2023 is set to bring some exciting new trends to the table. 


... ...

Trendy staircase: the central metal stringer

The central staircase stringer is still THE trend of the moment. Even more so when it is made of metal. When it comes to choosing the design of your stairs, there are many elements to consider. 


From the stringer, to the handrail, to the rungs, every little detail is important. 


The metal st...


Door locks and handles: how to choose?

Need door handles and locks? Beyond aesthetics, several aspects must be considered, such as ergonomi ...

The perfect baseboards and how to choose them


The perfect baseboards depend on several factors. In an interior design project, it is an essential choice. The variety of styles and materials can make the selection quite difficult.


To facilitate your decision, we propose to choose according to your floors, wall color, moldings and woodwork...


Buying guide: types of interior doors

When shopping, it is easy to get lost among all types of interior doors. But knowing them well can allow you to make much better decisions! In addition to separating 2 spaces, interior doors complete the style of your home.


Interior doors, in addition to meeting aesthetic needs, also meet practi...


Answers to your questions: interior glass door


Le verre est devenu un élément important des designs architecturaux, et les portes n’y font pas exception ! Une porte vitrée d’intérieur permet d'ouvrir votre espace en laissant passer la lumière naturelle, sans compromettre votre intimité. 


Pas étonnant que plusieurs se questionnent sur cell...


All About Stair Stringers

Here is a guide to stair stringers that will be of great help to you. ...

Indoor Stairs: 2022 Trends

Discover the 2022 staircase trends and be inspired by the variety of styles. ...

Masonite door or wood door?

In your selection of doors, you have surely hesitated between wood or Masonite. Here’s the differenc ...

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